Friday, July 16, 2010

The Garden: An Update in Photographs (part I)

Part I: Driveway & Front Yard

These were all taken right around July 4th. Welcome to our garden...

As you pull into the driveway, you'll see our quickly growing sunflowers running the length of the driveway. Here they are at the very start of July:

And here again about a week later:

Currently, they are about an inch away from the bottom of the hanging pots! It's absolutely lovely.

Right by the kitchen steps are a few more flowers:

Moving towards the front yard, our little herb garden complete with guard kitties:

Two different kinds of basil, both ready to eat, cook with, and dry for storage. You can see some of the chives too - there's a big clump of chives here that came originally from my parents' home in WI.

Moving to the front corner of the house, our strawberries!

Recently they have begun putting out runners (all over the place!) so it'll be interesting to see what the strawberry bed looks like next year. Also, we'll need a fence or cage or something, at least to put on during the night when visitors come to nibble. So far we've had moderate success - half of our berries make it into our mouths, fully intact. The other half suffer bite wounds from either squirrels or bunnies.

More views of the strawberries:

Now to the front of the house! This area has also changed a little since these photos were taken - the pumpkin plants are exploding out and over the bed and there are baby pumpkins in our "patch".

This is the bed where our spinach is also growing. It's not a problem that the pumpkins are taking over, because last week the spinach started to bolt. I still pick leaves off every so often, but they aren't as tasty as they used to be. Here's a view of 1/3 of our spinach around the 4th, a week before the plants began bolting:

Turning out to face the street, you can see our asparagus (okay, you can't *see* it very well because it blends in, but it's about a foot and a half in diameter and a few feet tall. Looks healthy!

And our apple tree. We'll put a second apple tree in either later this Summer or early next Spring.

Thus concludes Part I. Stay tuned for the Backyard Tour! That is where the real garden insanity resides. (No, not the bunnies...)

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  1. Now I want to see what your yard looks like all full of leaves. Fall pics, please! :)