Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I've Been Up To

or, rather,

Where I've Been.

For this:

(in Bethel, not in Anchorage)

That included this:

(can I keep him?)

Followed by the enjoyment of this:

(I only harvested a rock, so I didn't break any of the rules)

at the Botanical Garden, where they have the following:

Zombie tulips (really.. have you seen a more undead flower?)

Me, photographing the zombie tulips (and normal tulips, seen in the background)

Gender normative flowers (can't we escape this dichotomy anywhere?!)

And what visit to Anchorage would be complete without the Saturday Market? (two words: salmon quesadillas)

So, that's what's been up with the lack of posting my postings.


  1. Not a nephew, unfortunately. He belongs to a couple of their friends in Bethel. He's a riot and absolutely stole my heart.

  2. Hey, you should update again! Also you should come see what I did!