Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Bleeding Pockets

To get my gardening plans kicked off, I needed some supplies. And by "some" supplies, I mean a semi-load. 700 bricks and 4000 lbs of soil, to be exact. Luckily for me, I had recently scored a 10% off total purchase coupon from Lowes. Which meant that, in addition to getting delivery of these 700 bricks and 4000 lbs of soil for $59, I got a great deal on their price. I ended up below budget - well, maybe I'm being too quick to speak here, since I know there will be other things I'll need to purchase before this project is completely finished. But I had estimated that the costs would be about $900, and my total (including taxes and the delivery fee - and a lock box, which is another story altogether) came to $877.02.

Hooray! I came in under budget! And someone else is going to schlep a few tons of bricks and another couple tons of soil all the way to my house, which is, coincidentally, right where I need it!

How's that for a bargain? I am seriously oohing and ahhing over the delivery bit, because that is so much labor - and wear & tear on my station wagon, not to mention gas costs of the multiple loads it would take - and all for $59. Best $59 I ever spent.

My pockets gladly bleed for gardening expenses.

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